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Cone crusher application materials: iron ore, copper ore, slag, pebbles, quartz, granite, basalt, diabase and other hard, special hard material.
Cone Crusher Application: widely used in metallurgy, construction, utilities, transportation, chemical, building materials industry, suitable for crushing hard and above medium hardness ores and rocks.

250t/h-450t/h Sedimentary rocks Cone Crusher in Central in Africa

Cone Crusher Photos
    Cone crusher is divided into: hydraulic cone crusher, spring break principle, compound cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher horizontal bar. Mine is crushing and coarse broken in breaking the ideal choice. It can be crushing medium and medium hardness ores and rocks above. Cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size, suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing of various ores and rocks.
Cone crusher main structure
    Cone crusher main frame structure, the horizontal axis, moving cone, balancing wheel, eccentric sleeve, the crushing wall (fixed cone), under the crushing wall (fixed cone), fluid couplings, lubrication systems, hydraulic systems composed of several parts, control systems.
Cone crusher working principle
    Cone crusher and jaw crusher crushing squeeze to take a similar approach. Cone crusher, the horizontal axis of the crusher by a motor driven by V-belt and pulley, the horizontal axis through large and small gear driven eccentric rotary crusher cone axis creates eccentricity do spin pendulum movement in eccentric roles so sometimes broken wall surface near the cone surface, sometimes away from the cone surface, so that the stones in the crushing cavity constantly being squeezed, broken and impact crusher. Material crushed under its own weight is discharged from the lower part of the crusher discharge opening.