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Cone Crusher
Cone crusher is based on the set of laminated crushing principle and more broken and less grinding concept design and development of high pendulum frequency, optimized cavity and a reasonable stroke in one of the high-performance spring cone crusher. Over the years, with its excellent performance, reliable quality and high price to win the trust of customers around the world, is the ideal alternative to the traditional cone crusher product.

500t/h Iron ore Cone Crusher price in Papua New

working principle
Cone crusher working principle
Cone crusher mainly consists of frame, the cone assembly, moving cone assembly, a spring mechanism, bowl-shaped frame portion and the drive shaft and other components; its secondary part by the electrical system, lubrication system and hydraulic cavity clearing system.
In operation, the motor through V-belt, big pulley, drive shaft, a small bevel gear, bevel gear drive large eccentric rotating crushing cone axis rotary swing motion in the eccentric bushings forced to do under such crushing wall surface from time to time near and sometimes leave the rolling acetabular wall surface, so that the material in the annular fixed cone and dynamic cone crushing cavity composed constantly under attack, squeezing and bending and breaking. After several extrusion, after the impact and bending, crushing the material to the required size by the bottom discharge.
Cone Crusher Features
High-performance crushing chamber and the successful combination of high crushing frequency, so that the cone crusher with greater capacity, but also due to the broken pyramid principle, it is mostly crushed product cubic structure, reducing the pin sheet material to a great extent. Cone crusher simple structure, easy operation, maintenance, convenient nesting population adjustment, the maintenance time and effort, particularly in the liner easily and quickly replaced, reducing downtime.